Studioways is a font foundry founded by ELIZA GWENDALYN and JIM LYLES.

Eliza is an artist based out of New York. She specializes in hand lettering, watercolor painter, calligrapy and graphic designer. First known to the font world for her classic penmanship turned font family Petunia. She is the lead designer for the Studioways Font including but not limited to Lady Slippers, Boronia, Little Sprout, and Rain Lily. Most recently Eliza took on font programming and is proud to present her development ‘Majestic Palm.’

Type designer and font developer for over 30 years, Jim Lyles currently resides near Boston. A partner with many foundries, a sample of Jim’s original and revival typefaces include Stiggy & Sands’ Kapture, Sante Pro and Bazaruto, Park Street Studio’s Minotte, Filmotype’s Jade, BluHead Studio’sNotebook, and the open source Vera font family.